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Roy Griffith joined the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) as their Legislative Liaison after a long career with the Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). As Assistant Chief of CFDW, Roy worked tirelessly to recruit and train new hunter education instructors from throughout California. During his 11 years as captain of California’s Hunter Education Program, the number of certified instructors rose from 300 to more than 1,000. Safari Club International recognized these efforts by naming him as their 2011 Wildlife Officer of the Year.

Griffith began his wildlife officer career with CDFW in 1990, working in Southern California’s Chino District. He conducted extensive undercover operations as a member of the Special Operations Unit before changing his focus to the enforcement of laws related to habitat destruction. But he is best known for his role as captain of the Hunter Education Program, where his multi-generational approach and passion for “passing on the tradition” are evident to all who have worked with him.

When Griffith took the position of captain, California was experiencing a dramatic decline in the number of hunter education instructors. Griffith stepped up recruitment efforts, putting a special emphasis on bilingual outreach to reach prospective hunters who do not speak English as their first language.

Griffith practices what he preaches and is active now as a volunteer Hunter Education Instructor himself. When he is not working the Capital he is probably hunting something somewhere in the Western United States from Abalone on California’s north coast to Antelope in Wyoming, hunting is his passion.

CRPA 2021 Legislative Report

Updated: 02/26/21


Status / Location of key bills:


California State 2021 Legislature Legislative Session

California Ammo Restrictions

On Thursday, April 26, NRA and CRPA attorneys filed an important lawsuit challenging California’s restrictions regarding the sale or transfer of ammunition. These restrictions, enacted in 2016 as part of the “Gunmageddon” bills and Proposition 63......

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