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2024 ISE – Hunter Education Booth

Once again the Hunter Education booth at the International Sportsman’s Exposition was a resounding success!  I may be a little biased, but I am pretty sure we had the best-looking booth, and the most interaction with the public over in the Youth Fair!  There was a constant flow of people, both young and old, in the booth asking questions, signing up for classes and shooting the Laser Shot.  The youth enjoy the Laser Shot as is evident by the count of 575 kids trying their hand at the Duck Hunt.  The tracks in the sand was in constant use as well, along with seeing and touching all the hides and antlers on display.

Thanks to the huge efforts by Lt. Liz Gregory, and the other Wardens who were in attendance, we successfully got 98 people signed up with new GO ID’s and 82 students registered for classes on the spot using the provided tablets and laptops.  That number is up from last year at 75.

So even with the low overall attendance, and reduced exhibitors at the show, Hunter Education continues to grow at the ISE.  None of this would have been possible without the support and dedication of our volunteer Hunter Education Instructors who donate their time and energy to make this event happen every year.  A special thank you to Jim and Carolyn Russel for their tremendous efforts at coordinating and making sure this event happens!

Next year will be bigger and better so we hope to see even more Instructors at the booth in 2025!

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