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Our Projects.

We have many events and projects which we as a board organize and orchestrate.  We are always looking for new ideas from instructors!  If you are interested in being involved with any of these please join us!  And if you have any ideas for new projects or events, come to a meeting and let us know, we are here for all instructors so pelase be involved!

CFGWA Fundraiser

This is the 1st Annual California Fish and Game Wardens Association fundraiser. If you have anyone who would be able/willing to attend or send support, please feel free to forward the attachment far and wide!!!

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer is an annual event the Board of Directors hosts at different locations in Northern California.  It is geared towards new instructors, but all instructors are encouraged to attend.  We cover different topics of teaching to help instructors see how others are doing things and share ideas of what works and what others are doing in the classroom and the field.

International Sportsmens Expo

Every year Northern California CHEIA has a booth at the Youth Fair within the ISE Show at Cal Expo.  At the booth we have information on Hunter Education, Hides and Horns displays as well as the Laser Shot machine set up for youth to have fun shooting and learning some basic firearms handling skills.  This Past year (2016) we also held a raffle for a Black Powder rifle to help raise more funds for our projects.

Instructors Rondezvous

This year we are planning to put on an Instructors Rondezvous.  A fun family oriented event where Instructors and their families can come enjoy some friendly shooting competition, some good food and comraderie.

Reading Aides

We have worked with various professionals and developed a MP3 player which has the entire exam in spoken word form for people with reading disabilities.  This can be helpful for people with vision problems, dyslexia or english as a second language as some examples.  We hope they will be available soon through your DFW Coordinator!

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