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Welcome to the CHEIA Website!

Welcome to the Northern California Hunter Education Instructors Association new website. If you are a new instructor, welcome to the Hunter Education Family! As an Instructor in Northern California you are automatically a member of the association. There are no dues or fees ever collected. We raise all our funding through donations and events. Our biggest event is our raffle held every year at the Annual Training Conference for the Northern District. If you have attended one of the conferences, you have no doubt seen the 4-5 tables we cover with 50-100 raffle items! We also typically have shirts and patches for sale. We sell these at near cost to keep them affordable for instructors. We also approach hunting industry professionals, organizations and businesses for donations.

With this money we help to pay for things that you as instructors need and use. We have ‘grant’ monies available if you are in need of classroom supplies which you cannot purchase using class fees such as Laptop Computers, Projectors, etc.

So we are here to help you, and we need your help! We hope to see you at a Board Meeting sometime soon!

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